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Mortgage advisor Warrington

There are hundreds of mortgage lenders and thousands of deals to choose from when applying for a new mortgage or remortgage. Our team of local mortgage advisors in your area have helped lots of people like you, to find the best deals.

With a long-term commitment like a mortgage, it is important to be comfortable and confident with your chosen advisor.

A local Warrington mortgage advisor who is familiar with the area, will most often be your best option. They will have a better level of familiarity with the local property market and agencies. This can be extremely helpful if you are unsure of your options.

About Essential MORTGAGES

Our team are independent mortgage specialists with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Warrington property market. We are able to provide extensive mortgage advice to buyers in this area.

We have over 20 years worth of experience of helping buyers and have helped thousands of borrowers secure their ideal mortgage at an excellent rate.

We can offer expert advice on all types of mortgage including first time buyer mortgages, joint mortgages, buy to let and many more. We pride ourselves on tailoring our service to each individual buyer, meaning you can put the mortgage in place that is perfect for you.

Our lenders

We have access to over 50 top UK lenders, so we can compare hundreds of deals to find the most competitive pricing. Our lenders can compare mortgage rates across a wide range of available deals. This means you have a variety of options and can choose the one most suitable for your needs.

Our lenders include:

·     Accord Mortgages

·     Aviva

·     Barclays

·     BM Solutions

·     Chorley Building Society

·     Clydesdale Bank

·     Coventry

·     Halifax

·     HSBC

·     And many more…

Our team will dedicate themselves to searching for the best possible deal for each buyer across all lenders. We can ensure you only apply to lenders that are the most appropriate choice for your financial background and budget.

Why choose a mortgage broker in Warrington?

It is extremely important to trust your mortgage broker as you are relying heavily on their advice during the application process.

Our team of local experts will make sure the mortgage you put in place is 100% right for you. We have a full picture of any factors in the area that could potentially impact your mortgage.

The main reasons to speak to our Warrington mortgage advisors are:

·     Experienced with dealing with local agents

·     Experience with surveyors and valuations

·     Good understanding of the local property market

·     Wealth of knowledge about local solicitors

We understand that depending on individual circumstances, a mortgage application can sometimes not be straightforward. We are here to help and support you with any potential issues, such as poor credit history.

Cheapest mortgage deals in Warrington

There are many necessary considerations when applying for a mortgage, with budget and cost ranking highly on that list. A mortgage can have great terms and have great rates, you do not need to sacrifice one for the other.

There are various ways to find a great deal at an even better price. A mortgage specialist such as us will be able to assess which deals may work best for you, even in a difficult market. We can help you avoid any potential issues and complications during the application process.

We are passionate about matching borrowers with the perfect lender for them, ensuring all our customers receive the most competitive rates possible.

We can source information from both large lenders operating nationwide and more local lenders. There are times a locally based lender can be a better option. They will have a far better understanding of the area and may even be more likely to lend to you.

Lowest Warrington remortgage rates

A remortgage can be helpful in a wide range of circumstances. No matter the reason for remortgaging, it is always helpful to get advice from an expert before committing.

Some common reasons to remortgage a property are:

·     Securing a better rate (equalling cheaper monthly repayments)

·     Switching to a fixed interest rate

·     Funding renovations or home improvements

·     Consolidating debts

If you have a current mortgage deal in place, it is a great idea to review it occasionally. Regularly reviewing your mortgage can lead to significant savings. It is very possible you can save thousands by simply switching to a fixed rate or changing lenders for example.

For more information about remortgages CLICK HERE.

Best mortgages for buying a home in Warrington

It can still seem complicated to find the right mortgage for the property you want. This could apply to you whether you are new to the area or have lived in Warrington your whole life.

There are various factors that will come into play when trying to find the best deal. Lenders will assess:

·     Income vs expenses

·     Credit profile

·     Occupation

·     Credit rating/score

·     Deposit amount (LTV)

There are a lot of lenders that could potentially offer you a loan but it is important you don’t just apply to all of them. Assess which seems the most appropriate for your financial history and therefore most likely to approve the mortgage.

Multiple credit checks in a row because of too many applications, can actually have a negative impact on your credit score. We won’t waste your time by sending applications through to lenders unnecessarily, as we know this could negatively impact your property purchase.

For more information on mortgages for buying a home CLICK HERE.

Buy to let mortgages in Warrington

Warrington is great location for property investors with a thriving rental market already in place. Rental income can be a great way of getting a consistent revenue stream from an investment.

Whether you already own property in the area or are looking to expand your portfolio to a new location, our team can help.

Our team are experts in buy to let property investments. We can help advise you on securing the best pricing, as well as warning about any possible risk factors.

You have the potential for saving thousands of £s, by speaking to a specialist before submitting a mortgage application.

For more information about buy to let mortgages CLICK HERE.

Protecting your mortgage

It is vital to protect your home and your family, in the event something happened, and you were unable to support them. We are able to point you in the direction of the best cover to safeguard your loved ones financial future.

Best options for protecting your mortgage:

·     Mortgage life insurance (Decreasing term)

·     Family life insurance (Level term)

·     Critical illness cover

·     Income protection

·     Mortgage payment protection

·     Buildings & contents insurance

An insurance policy can act as a safety net. This allows you peace of mind knowing your family will have extra support in place if it is ever needed.

A good policy can be the difference between money worries and getting by comfortably. The pay out from an insurance policy can support your family in continuing the mortgage repayments or could even be enough to pay off the loan.

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